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Around-the-world in Berlin/Brandenburg

A photographic guide to global photo spots in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The photographic guide Around the world in Berlin and Brandenburg guides the reader to locations, like the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Hollywood, Sydney and many more who can be found in Berlin and Potsdam. Over 40 spots in Berlin and Potsdam invite the reader to take a selfie in front of well-known places that are usually thousands of kilometers away.

With information in German and English about the Original and the Berlin original, how to get there, distance from Berlin and QR Codes for continuative reading, Around the world in Berlin and Brandenburg provides a different kind of city tour. Whether you want to test your friends with a posted picture, whether you’re from the country and want to see Berlin’s miniature version or whether you’re a Berlin resident and want to discover your city: Around the world in Berlin and Brandenburg definitely has a high fun-factor. Safe travels!


“Are you in Paris?” – it all started with this comment from a British lady under a picture of four girls in front of an overhead line mast. I had been sitting on the idea for Around the world in Berlin and Brandenburg for two years before finally, in 2015, I found the time to visit many places in Berlin and Potsdam myself. I started with the Wedding version of the Eiffel Tower and tested people’s reaction in the social media. Even though I posted the picture with the Berlin coordinates, two friends wrote to me saying they were also currently in Paris. The attention span in social media is obviously so low that even a rough resemblance is mostly enough. And then I started to look for more places in Berlin… and to collect original photos from around the world. It is not about finding either architecturally or historically accurate twins. There are already enough scientific reports out there and they are not fun for many people. But this is about fun! Having fun making selfies! Having fun in life! Having fun traveling with your imagination! Having fun in fooling your friends! Having fun discovering Berlin in a different way! This is what this book is about. For those who want more information on each site can use the QR codes. With the included tips for getting there and the Google QR code you should be able to find everything and with a day ticket of the BVG (Zones ABC) you will have the cheapest trip around the world. This could also be a gift idea for someone who is planning a trip around the world. We are of course curious about your pictures and new places you might find. Write to us at info@selfie.berlin.com! And please use the free App! Safe travels, Lasse